Say You Care with Kush Kards: The Greeting Card for Cannabis Enthusiasts

What do you get for the enthusiast that has it all? Unless you’re rollin like Wiz Khalifa and can grab some heddy glass, your best bet might be to show you care with a clever card that speaks to their inner stoner. If that sounds good then check out Kush Kards- cannabis themed greeting cards for any occasion where smoking is appropriate, which is most.

The Kush Kards are not only funny and punny, they also feature a mechanism to affix a preroll or blunt for anyone who loves gifting the good good.

Before we go too far- it is still super illegal to mail cannabis, so don’t do it. Neither Kush Kards or Thank You for Toking encourages, advises, or endorses illegal activity. Now that we’ve cleared that up, Kush Kards are perfect for hand delivering to your favorite stoner in states that have legalized cannabis. And they really do have one for every occasion, from Holidaze to Apologies, Kush Kards makes it possible to express yourself with cannabis. Here’s a quick pro tip I learned from the founder, Lauren- if you can’t include a preroll, joint, or blunt try rolling up at $20 instead. Let your buddy know that their next grams on you without ruffling any federal feathers.

The cardstock quality is top notch and feels much sturdier than more expensive cards you’d typically find despite being modestly priced at about $6 each. The print quality is also really impressive- the colors are rich and the designs are entertainingly detailed. Each card includes a pack of matches, but if you’re worried about bulk, Kush Kards is one step ahead of you. They had the foresight to add a strike pad at the bottom of the card so a single match is all that’s needed to fire one up. And because they look awesome, keeping these cards on the mantel will continue to create laughs even after the initial amusement wears off and the joints been smoked.

I gotta mention the cannabis themed designs again cause they’re just that good.

Of course, the basics are covered with plenty of highly amusing puns and clever characters- but take a scroll through their instragram feed or company website and you’ll see that the wizard behind the curtain has a lot up her sleeve. This is more than a card company, this is the making of a market mover as the stigmatization of cannabis increases. Check out the complementary stickers!

So should you get a Kush Kard for your next ganja gathering? Only if you like the host and want them to ensure you’re invited back. The next time you have cause to celebrate with your cannabis consuming crew, keep it classy and pick up a KushKard, don’t forget to tell em Ty sent ya.

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