Resolution Caps and Gel: The Best Way to Clean Glass Smoking Devices

What’s the best way to clean glass smoking devices and metal accessories? Most stick to the classic combination of salt, iso alcohol, and water, but there’s a new eco-friendly solution available, and it’s worth checking out.

ResCaps and ResGel, from Resolution Co, can be used together or separately to maintain pristine smoking pieces or restore luster to dirty bongs.  The ResCaps create a watertight seal around any openings, which is helpful when cleaning but also contains smell when not in use. The ResGel is a high powered cleaning solution engineered to cut through build up and remove stubborn resin. For the sake of this review, I used both methods described on the packaging: 1- by soaking a piece in the gel bag and 2- pouring the gel directly into the piece and rotating to create an even coating.

Clean Glass Smoking Devices

Resolution Kit: 3 ResCaps and ResGel

ResCaps: 1 Large and 2 Small

Clean Glass Smoking Devices

240ml of ResGel in a Resealable Pouch

Test 1- GravKey and Downstem

For test #1 I submerged the bowl from my GravKey and downstem from my super old school bong in the liquid pack. The directions call for a 5-30 minute soak followed by warm water rinse and gentle scrub if necessary. I elected for the full 30 minutes as both the GravKey and downstem were rather ripe and in need of substantial cleaning.

A very dirty downstem and GravKey full of resin

Before: A very dirty downstem and GravKey full of resin

Clean Glass Smoking Devices

After: Much cleaner glass with minimal effort

After a quick rinse and qtip scrub the GravKey was shimmering pretty with roughly 95% of resin vanquished. The downstem results were even better. Neither had complete removal, however, with a repeated treatment and some pipe cleaners I think either could be pristine again pretty quickly.

Test 2- Bong

For the second test, I used nozzle to pour 3ish ounces through the empty downstem and attached ResCaps as instructed. After rotating the bong to ensure an even coat, I rested the bong on its side and rotated it occasionally during the 30 minute soak time. Note- the strong smell of the gel was concealed by the ResCaps proving the scent reduction claims true.

Dirty bong in need of a bath

A bong badly needing a bath

Clean Glass Smoking Devices

Bong coated in ResGel doesn’t smell thanks to ResCaps

Clean Glass Smoking Devices

An impressively clean bong post ResKit treatment

The results were good, though not as effective as the soak method in test 1. About 90% of the residue was removed after a quick rinse with warm water. There was still some build up that warm water wasn’t getting so I used a Scrubber Ducky to get the rest of the remaining residue. The product says it can be re-used, but it was a little weird to pour the bong contents back into the bag with bits of resin mixed in. It’s worth noting that ResGel is environmentally friendly and, unlike ISO alcohol or acetone, completely cool to pour down the drain after 8 or so uses. 

What’s the verdict? The ResCaps were easy to use and held in the gel well. The security provided allowed me to shake the bong vigorously adding to the cleaning power. After a quick rinse they seemed as fresh as new. They definitely pass the first test, I’d like to see how they do concealing smell during travel. The second use, with the recycled gel, will also be interesting. I can see the Gel and Caps being ideal for anyone who wants to travel with their favorite piece and want the added value of scent reduction and extreme cleaning. You can find a Res Kit here for $19.99. 

UPDATE: I poured a small amount of ResGel in the bowl of a hammer pipe with an annoying resin clog. Typically, I would attack that with a paperclip or bobby pin but with the ResGel on hand, I had a new tactic. It worked marvelously. After 20 min of soaking the gel had broken through the clog and what was left in the bowl was easily scraped away using a Nuggy. A quick rinse and the pipe was as clean as the day I got it.

Clean Glass Smoking Devices

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