PotPocket- A Convenient Carrying Case for Joints or Blunts

The best things in life are natural and simple. Cannabis is as natural and simple as it gets: grows from the earth, light it on fire, breathe in, feel better. I guess that’s why I dig the elegance of the PotPocket.

What’s a PotPocket? It’s a sleek wooden case designed to conceal joints or blunts. To break it down to its simplest terms- the PotPocket is for protection and discretion. Your precious j’s are safe in the PotPocket. Safe from a beautifully rolled joints two biggest threats: accidental crushing and contact with liquid. Full disclosure- the PotPocket does not claim to be waterproof- but I am telling you that in my experience it will keep your J safe if someone spills a glass of wine directly on your PotPocket.

Your joints are also safe from damage if you happen to bump into something or sit on the case. Where I’ve had plastic tubes break, the PotPocket held up strong. You’re even kind of protected from detection because the wood masks the cannabis smell from plebs on the street, but probably not trained officials or dogs.

Which leads me to my next point, discretion. The unassuming wooden case is easy to ignore in the event a non friendly sees the PotPocket. It looks more like a makeup accessory or cell wallet than a cannabis coffin. I’m a sucker for things made from nature, the PotPocket is no exception, I love the unique wood grain and how my original has aged over the last 2 years of consistent use.

There are a couple models to choose from holding between 2 and 3 j’s or varying sizes. For social events where I anticipate sharing, the PhatPocket is perfect for covertly carrying 2 large cones or blunts- more than enough to go around several circles several times. If it’s somewhere requiring the slightest amount of stealth, like a golf course, beach day, or concert where smaller joints are in order, the original PotPocket is your friend. It carries 3 cigarette sized spiffs and the slim design fits comfortably in either front or back…pocket.

I definitely recommend copping your own PotPocket, you’ll wonder how you lived without one after the first few uses. They also make a fantastic gift for the enthusiast in your life. Do your future joints a favor and head on over to PotPockets.us to get yours now and tell ‘em Ty sent ya.

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