Pipe Mug: Perfecting the Wake and Bake

Do you like coffee?How about cannabis?Ever start the day with a little wake and bake?

You’re not alone, and Zang Products definitely had you in mind when they created the Pipe Mug- a beautifully designed ceramic mug that’s also a fully functioning pipe.

Pipe Mug post rip

Pipe Mug post rip

Imagine relaxing with your favorite hot beverage and some fresh bud as you casually go from delicious sip to tasty rip. Now you can!

I was skeptical when I first saw the Pipe Mug. Initially I thought there was no way it could deliver a good hit and remain functional. I was so wrong…the deceptively large chamber and carb combine to deliver huge hits that are surprisingly smooth considering there is nothing filtering the smoke. I’m definitely a fan! A few more observations:

  • The transition from drinking with the right hand to controlling the carb and smoking with the left is very intuitive. This was 100% designed by a cannabis enthusiast.
  • The Pipe Mug kept coffee warm, certainly no worse than a typical cup. Besides, if you’re taking the time to wake n bake you likely don’t mind.
  • I recommend cleaning after every use and using pipe screens to keep your pipe as fresh as possible. Treat nice things nicely.
  • Make sure to tilt bowl towards you when drinking or you’ll spill your bowl in your lap.

The Pipe Mug is microwave safe but you should really clean it well before potentially hotboxing your appliance. Also, consider using with a screen or glass  beads to avoid ash and resin entering the smoke chamber. The mug is easy to hand wash, just rinse with warm water inside and let air dry. The Pipe Mug is dishwasher safe, but I’m willing to take a few minutes to make sure my newest piece stays perfect.

Should you get it?

That depends- do you like coffee and cannabis? Or any other warm beverage and cannabis? Then yes, this cannabis accouterments is for you. I’ve only used it in the morning so far, so I’m really anticipating sitting around a fire with hot chocolate and blue dream soon. It also makes a great gift for the marijuana fan in your life.

100% American made, the Pipe Mug comes from Taos, New Mexico and retails for around $40.

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