Moose Labs Mouth Peace: Smoke Without Sharing Anything Except Bud

I love a good group smoke session as much as the next enthusiast, but I’m not the biggest fan of putting my mouth on the same spot as someone I don’t know. Obviously, other enthusiasts have this same concern so it was only a matter of time until someone created a solution to wet joint tips and germy bongs. Enter Moose Labs, inventors of the Mouth Peace, a genius device that creates a safety barrier between you and the unknowns. Easy to use and incredibly functional, the Mouth Peace works with just about any smoking device providing a tight seal allowing for a smooth, clean rip.

There are currently 3 versions available to accommodate whatever cannabis delivery system you prefer. Every Mouth Peace comes with a handy lanyard making it readily available.

Original– The original Mouth Peace is still perfect for bongs and rigs today. The tapered design means that the piece creates an airtight vacuum when in use and, in this stoners opinion, is more comfortable than glass. The silicone is soft to the touch and the flexibility means that it will fit snugly and securely without damaging your gear.

Slim– For enthusiasts looking for a sleeker model, Moose Labs has you covered with the Slim model. About ⅓ the size oMoose Labs Mouth Peacef the original and every bit as effective, the Slim works great for rigs or bongs with smaller openings. It’s sleeker profile also makes a great traveling companion.

Mini– If you find yourself in smoke circles sharing Joints or Blunts the mini is your new best friend. Imagine eliminating wet tips and spit swaps in one fell swoop while enhancing the experience, that’s what the mini delivers.

Do yourself, and your health, a favor and get a Mouth Peace. Unless you’re cool with catching “conference cough”, these accessories are an essential for conventions whose attendees have a tendency to partake in mass as the day ends. The mini model fits in your pocket or attaches to a lanyard, there’s no excuse not to grab a couple before your next event.

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