MJ Arsenal: Battle Tested, Stoner Approved Personal Joint Bubblers

Forgive opening with a pun but this lineup of personal joint bubblers is a hit.

Outside of fancy tips and dated clips there aren’t a lot of accessories designed for connoisseurs of the rolled variety, and as someone who still enjoys smoking joints, at times I feel a little left out. MJ Arsenal must have the same feeling because their innovative personal joint bubblers are not only incredibly functional, but their form is equally impressive.

The first opportunity for a test run was a low key industry event where there would be a lot of joints and blunts going around, a perfect test for the Martian, MJ Arsenal’s single joint version. One great thing about the Martian is that you can attach a chain and wear it around your neck adding a little cultural style to your attire while keeping your new accessory ready to use. I secured the joint, fired it up, and used the carb to fill the globe with freshly cooled smoke, it Personal Joint Bubbler Martianwas delicious. Several fellow attendees agreed and passing the Martian around garnered a lot of curious looks and a few snapchat posts.

The cooling filtration is fantastic, but I really appreciate the sanitation implications by using the personal bubbler as a barrier between me and my smoking partners. Anytime I was passed a new twist to smoke I simply grabbed my Martian and kept it clean.

One quick caveat- I suggest keeping your filter tips skinny so they fit securely in the MJ Arsenal bubbler, otherwise, an innocent ashing could end in a beautiful joint toppling aimlessly, and no one wants that. So make sure your j is secure before getting distracted by the deviously effective bubbler.

Personal Joint Bubbler CommanderThe blunt commander is my new defacto deskside smoking device, it’s that simple. After a couple days I honestly don’t know if I can go back to smoking joints without filtration. In fact, every time one of my buddies uses it for the first time it becomes a conversation about them trading for it. I’ve been able to resist, so far. My only complaint is that there’s no loop for the tank to attach to a chain for wearability.Personal Joint Bubbler Commander

Overall, I highly recommend adding a personal bubbler for anyone who prefers to roll their greens and MJ Arsenal has the best available. Beyond the Martian and Commander, they offer a variety of versions depending on your preference. You can view the entire lineup of personal bubblers and their new mini rig, the Hydra, here.

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