HuniBadger Vertical Vape- Huge Tasty Rips without the Hassle of a Rig

Where to even begin? I’m incredibly impressed with the HuniBadger and petrified at the same time. I’m impetrified, and I like it, mostly.
Confused? Don’t be. The HuniBadger is the most efficient way to dab heavy amounts of concentrate on the go, on the road or in stealth mode. It’s so good at eliminating the hassle of torches and rigs that it might be too good. The HuniBadger’s ultra-portability makes any situation one where a dab could be somewhat responsibly taken in less than 20 seconds, and no one needs to know.
HuniBadger Vertical Vape Kit
Before getting too into the weeds, the HuniBadger is a self-contained, battery powered, sneaky-convenient, electronic nectar collector. 5 clicks starts the heating element and a few moments later simply dip the tip in a small bit of concentrate and draw through the opposite end to receive a cloud of tasty whatever you’re dabbing. The entire process couldn’t be easier, especially for a non regular dabber or someone tight on space.
The HuniBadger portable dabbing device comes with a couple accessories to enhance the experience and connect with existing pieces. The first attachment is the standard mouthpiece, it can be used alone or with glass globe mouthpieces by utilizing a rubberized seal. The second mouthpiece is slightly tapered allowing it to connect to downstems and other filtration solution. Both connect with 510 threading, so anything meeting those specs should be useable on the mouth end for marijuHuniBadger Vertical Vape Kitana MacGuyvers.
On the other end, 2 heating tips allow you to control the temperature between High time and Low temp. An app for temperature control, a la Pax, would be a pretty slick feature- hopefully it’s in the cards.
Coming in at just over a pound, the HunjBadger’s no lightweight, but most of the heft comes from the battery.
As great as the HuniBadger is, and it’s pretty fantastic, all that awesomeness comes with a $189 price tag. Which, comparatively, could get you a decent rig, banger, insert, dab tool, torch, and cleaning supplies. Or you could ditch all that and cop my new favorite way to get way too high with a 10% discount!
I know people who take their pelican case everywhere. They need to- between the rig, torch, mat and tools there’s a lot needed. With the HuniBadger it’s like having a pelican in your pocket.
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