Goldleaf: a Sophisticated Cannabis Journal for Enthusiasts

Do you take notes, mental or otherwise, when you smoke? There are a plethora of apps and smoke notebooks to track your consumption available, but one stands out as the choice for sophisticated stoners- Goldleaf- purveyors of finely crafted cannabis journals designed specifically for recording cannabis activity.

I really like the Goldleaf journals for a couple reasons. First and foremost, Cannabis has an image problem. Prohibitionists think that everyone that enjoys cannabis is a stoner and people who consider trying cannabis are often left without much in the way of education or guidance. Thanks to Goldleaf, we’re a little closer to improving that image and helping new enthusiasts explore.

The styling behind Goldleaf is another reason this journal stands above others. The classic notebooks have a familiar look with a unique style and the guided pages make it easy to jump right in and start writing.

There are currently 3 versions available designed for different aspects of cannabis consumption:

Cannabis Taster- Perfect for enthusiasts who want a more detailed understanding of strains and personal reactions. This pocket-sized journal is great on the go and an excellent companion for your cannabis adventures.

Patient Journal- Ideal for new cannabis consumers who want to monitor how strains and dosages effect specific ailments. The templated pages make patient/physician conversations more efficient by having consistent documentation to review and study.

Grow Planner- Something about the organic feel of the Goldleaf journal and a grow facility just feels right. What I mean is, this is the type of notebook that belongs in a grow, it has the same organic feeling, a mix of style and science, plus the efficiency that cultivators pride themselves on. Each is designed for 1 grow cycle but can be used indefinitely for reference.

Having a simple way to record, review, and share how I react to certain strains has been a game changer. It’s also been a tremendous aid in understanding the nuances of strains by recording terpene data and identifying flavor profiles. In fact, I’ve found that making a quick entry has become as much a part of the ritual as grinding the flower or twisting the j.

I definitely recommend scooping up a Taster Journal for personal use at the very least, but if you have friends that grow or patients you know, Goldleaf journals make great gifts. Check out the full product suite here and don’t forget to tell em Ty sent ya.

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