Exotic Wood Dugout? Yes, Please!

At one point or another, you’ve probably owned, or at least used, a dugout. For the uninitiated, a dugout is a small, usually wood, generally rectangular smoking accessory that houses a small pipe and cannabis compartment. It was likely your first headshop purchase and there’s a high probability you’ve had at least one confiscated at a concert or club. Well, just as the cannabis industry has undergone a massive maturation, so has our old reliable friend Dug. I recently acquired a beautiful new exotic wood dugout from 3rd Grain, and, after just a few uses, would be devastated to lose or have stolen. It’s the type of classy cannabis accessory I’m not ashamed to use in public.

These exotic wooden dugouts are absolutely gorgeous!

Exotic Wood DugoutIn a word, sexy. The dugout is smooth, strong, and comfortable in your hand while feeling solid enough to take a drop, or 2. 3rd Grain works with a variety of local and exotic wood, the version I have is made from Maple and Cedar, which not only creates beautiful contrasts, it also means it smells really good. Additionally, each dugout comes with a glass bat, or chillum, in addition to the standard cigarette looking one-hitter we all know.

The smoking experience is a significant upgrade compared to traditional dugouts.

Exotic Wood Dugout

First and foremost, the difference between glass chillum and metal cigarette looking thing is huge, so that’s an immediate win for 3rd Grain. I underestimated how much of a difference the bat makes, 3rd Grain didn’t, and that’s why they make high end dugouts and I just get high and write about them. Secondly, the glass bat isn’t a one hitter, it’s more like a 3 hitter, which I really appreciated, especially when sharing. Another aspect that stands out is the lid security. A lot of dugouts are too tight or get loose after a while, not 3rd Grain’s. And if they do, there’s an included kit to make any adjustments needed. They also produce a version with a snap-locking lid for those seeking extra security.

If you can’t tell, I’m a fan already.

The experience was wonderful and having the ability to consume discreetly is something I value. Whether it’s a wedding, round of golf, or weekend away, the 3rd Grain dugout kept me blazed without drawing attention, unless I wanted it to. The 3rd Grain dugout’s fantastic to take a quick couple puffs before tucking it into a pocket when needed and the deep chambered bat is great for sessions among friends. If you’re in the market for a new dugout, one-hitter, or traveling companion, definitely check out 3rd Grain’s complete product lineup here. The woods they use are stunning and each grain creates a truly unique look.

A Few Words About the company

Non an Exotic Wood Dugout

I’ll sorta miss old Dug, but I won’t miss that bat

3rd Grain is a Minnesota company of 3 craftsman buds who specialize in immaculate smoking accessories made from exotic wood. They’ve been in the game since 2008 and aim to provide sleak smoking devices at affordable prices that are made in the USA. You can read more about them and their company here.

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