A Discreet Water Bong Perfect for Traveling

Smoking on the go can be a challenge. Taking a bong or rig is impractical and joints or blunts don’t deliver the water filtration that many enthusiasts enjoy. Enter the Traveling Puff, an inconspicuous accessory that turns any standard water bottle into a discreet water bong, complete with carb.

The Traveling Puff is essentially a bowl with an aluminum downstem leading to a sharp point perfect for piercing plastic bottles. The beauty of the Traveling Puff is that it works with any plastic bottle, so you’re never far from an emergency bong. Once making an initial hole with the included poker, insert the pointed end of the downstem, add water, flower, and flame to get faded. Simple in theory. How did it do in the field?

In the interest of thoroughness, several bottle variations were tested for probable use and functionality.

Sports Drink Bottle

The thick plastic seemed like a worthy first challenge to the Traveling Puff and it did not disappoint. The downstem did take some force but was more than capable to expand the hole, though the seal was not as tight as subsequent tests. After adding ice, water, and bud the bowl was ready to go.

The Traveling Puff definitely delivered on the promise of bubbles and big rips. The size of the hit is really only limited by the bottle you’re using, so don’t be afraid of going big. The filtration was fantastic as well. Side note: I found myself removing the entire downstem to clear the bowl rather than the carb hole I poked.

Smart Bottle

For the second test I used the lighter to pre-heat the bottle a bit which resulted in a much tighter seal and more user friendly angle. The carb hole creation was also better this go round and the experience was much closer to that of a glass bong. It’s no Roor, but it works just fine. 

Small Plastic Bottle

This is the most plausible situation for uses like camping or concerts. The discreet size of the bottle won’t allow for massive hits but it will get the job done. Just be careful when piercing the thinner plastic or you’ll ruin your day.

My first reaction to the Traveling Puff was that it was sharp! I also recognized that the size was similar to a pen, also ideal for carving an emergency pipe from an apple. Since the bowl detaches from the stem it’s possible to make a really solid piece complete with carb.

The bowl size is great for personal use but, to be completely honest, requires regular repacking when sharing a session. That’s not a knock, but the truth is you’re gonna get 2-3 good rips per pack, so plan accordingly.

So, should you get one? Probably, it’s great to have in the arsenal and it costs less than a gram. For enthusiasts that favor water pipes it’s a no brainer, the first time you take it camping or to the beach you’ll fall in love with the Traveling Puff’s elegant simplicity. Check it out here, tell em Ty sent ya.

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