Day With The Nuggy Tool – A Cannabis Accessory For Every Occasion

I had a rare Saturday to stone around and decided to use the time to give the Nuggy a test drive. My goal was to use the Nuggy, described as the stoners swiss army knife, as my sole cannabis accessory throughout the day and see what kind of tasks it could tackle.

The first tool I utilized of this nifty cannabis accessory was the Scissors to shear off a bowls worth of bud to kick off my wake n bake. The trimmers made quick work of a sticky Girls Scout Cookies nug and the session was off to a sharp start.

Properly blazed, the next task was to roll a joint, or 2, to test out the Tamper, Scissors, and Roach Clip.

Full disclosure, this is my first time using a Roach Clip, though DARE prepared me to find them everywhere. After trimming more bud the Scissors did get a bit jammed up, but I expected that and the job was still done to satisfaction. After using the Tamper to pack the joint tight it was ready for the clip.

I’m not sure if it was all the machinery that went into the joint or the beautiful weather, but that joint was one of my finer rolls in recent memory. I liked holding the Nuggy in my hand as the Clip did the dirty work, it was half practical half bond villain swag style. It’s also super easy to pass with confidence or set down when you need free hands.

While I was admiring my joint I noticed that my pipe could use a scraping, another perfect job for the Nuggy.

The Spade tool was able to remove the resin with ease while the Pick cleared to the bottom for maximum smoke flow.

As the day was wearing on the call to go outside was growing. There’s a great craft brew spot within walking distance and nothing beats taking a dab before a jaunt with nature. Using the Nuggy’s Mini Spoon, I scooped a single serving of wax while the nail cooled then dunked the dab for a smooth hit. If there’s one suggestion I have for the Nuggy, it’s to make the coating out of heat resistant material capable of acting as a carb cap, that would be fire. Even still, the Nuggy was a successful dabbing accessory. The spoon also worked well to portion out concentrate for pens and other portable devices as well. I arrived at my destination wonderfully faded and selected Great White from the cooler.

Nuggy Stoner Accessory

Poppin bottles in the sun

Naturally, using the Nuggy’s Bottle Opener was the only way that beer was getting popped.

The cold beer gave me a few minutes to reflect on the Nuggy and its variety of uses. My first impression is that the Nuggy is big, larger than I expected, and maybe overthought. But after using it for a day in multiple smoking scenarios I’m a fan. It’s sturdy, versatile cannabis accessory, and has great aesthetics. The Nuggy’s not the least expensive accessory you can get, but I’ve talked to many owners that swear by it. Check it out at and tell ’em Ty sent you.

Bonus: I had a cartridge that was three quarters full stop working so I figured I’d give the Nuggy Knife a chance to shine. After a couple careful twists I was able to cut through the cartridge top and extract the remaining the concentrate, score!

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