Conjuring Cannabis Edibles with Magical Butter

Imagine if you will, a slow cooker and a food processor getting together for a smoke session in a 1960’s style VW van. When the doors opened and the plume of smoke dissipated the Magical Butter machine would be the creation stumbling stonerly into the light.

Hailed as the crockpot for, the Magical Butter machine makes it super simple to create infused cannabis edibles in the comfort of your own home using the ingredients of your choosing.

Right out of the beautiful box the Magical Butter machine was impressive.

The secure packaging was evidence of their experience and attention to quality. The box contained one Magical Butter machine, a Purify filtration bag, a Love Glove oven mitt, and a handy instruction manual with a few starter recipes. After a quick read through the booklet and rinsing the machine I felt prepared to tackle my first magical baking endeavor.

Considering my previous baking experience, which is none, I wanted to start with something easy, so Magical Coconut Oil fit the bill. The ingredients are simple- coconut oil and cannabis. You can add Lecithin to help with cannabinoid absorption, but it’s not required, just suggested. Magical Butter also suggests decarboxylating the cannabis prior to cooking, if you’re unfamiliar with decarbing you can get a rundown here. Long story short- decarbing transforms THCa into THC, which is the hallucinogenic stuff aka what we’re here for. After procuring the ingredients and setting up a cooking station I added the cannabis, coconut oil, and Lecithin to the Magical Butter machine. Once the ingredients are in place all you have to do is select the temperature and cooking duration- this was clearly designed with cannabis enthusiasts in mind, it couldn’t be easier.

The coconut oil recipe called for a 1 hour cycle but the Magical Butter machine has settings for 2 hour butter, 4 hour tincture, or 8 hour custom. A quick warning- the Magical Butter machine is a noisy little contraption, so don’t be alarmed if it starts whizzing and whirling with bright flashing lights, that means it’s working.

When the hour was up the Magical Butter machine started to beep, and kept beeping till I removed the top to check the finished product. While the device does have a set it and forget it feel, the lack of an automatic shut-off means you’ll need to be around when the cycle finishes.

Magical Butter Edibles

Following the instructions.

I poured the coconutty contents through the Purify filtration bag and into a container for storage. I then used the included Love Glove to squeeze the filtration bag in an attempt to extract every last drop of infused goodness. The end result was a jar full of pale green goo that smelled like heaven and tasted like sugar, kind of. It definitely smelled amazing, but the raw taste wasn’t totally awesome, which is fine cause coconut oil is base ingredient for cannabis edibles and not meant to be consumed solo.

Clean up was a breeze.

The Magical Butter machine does have a cleaning mode but, at least with coconut oil, a quick rinse and towel dry were all that was needed. I turned the Purify bag, containing the leftover cannabis puree, inside out and washed away the residue before finishing with the Love Glove. All in all the clean up only took a few minutes, very nice.

So should you get one?

That depends, do you like cannabis? Bottom line- every enthusiast should pick up a Magical Butter machine- it’s simple to use, incredibly diverse, and comes with a 1 year warranty. Even better, the amazing team from Magical Butter hooked ThankYouforToking readers up with a $30 discount with code TYFT, so head on over the and tell em Ty sent ya.


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