Cannador Cannabis Humidor: Storing your Stash with Class

It’s a wooden rectangle house for weed, and I love it.

The extremely clean design makes the Cannador an item that you can hide in plane sight, it’s that beautiful, yet unassuming. It has the refined class one would expect from the cigar world, but with a twist for us cannabis enthusiasts. Note, the Cannador contains a key lock for the cannabis chamber providing an extra level of security, just in case you decide to leave it out around despite prying eyes.

In keeping with the streamlined design, an elegant tatami handle allows access to the lower drawer, perfect for storing your favorite glass, papers, and a few lighters. Anything larger might encourage accessory hoarding, and this is definitely not that type of toolbox. I’m also a big fan of the magnetic lid, the slight resistance when opening the Cannador is another design detail that makes the entire experience feel more upscale.

The Science Behind the Cannador

You might be asking, why’s all this necessary? I guess it’s not, there are people that drink room temperature beer, if that’s what you want to do. You can take a deeper dive here, but if you’re looking to keep your buds fresh and terpenes tasty, consider classing up your cannabis container.

But Does it Work?

As a comparison, I generally keep my cannabis in an airtight CVault container with a Boveda humidity control pack, which probably doesn’t get changed as often as it should. Anyway, could the Cannador provide the same consistent quality?Cannador Cannabis Humidor

Before using the Cannador, there is some prep work, so consider grabbing a small bottle of distilled water before yours arrives, otherwise, you’ll be tempted to skip that step in a haste to use your new storage solution. Following the directions, I used a distilled water soaked towel to wipe down the interior surfaces and filled the humidity regulator to the suggested level. Then I waited for the moisture to level out as the Cannador found its sweet spot. Properly balanced, the Cannador was ready to provide the ultimate consistency.

The Cannador’s performance was as beautiful as its’ first impression would indicate. I was skeptical, but now I’m a believer. After the test time, the cannabis placed in the Cannador was significantly fluffier, terpier, and tastier than the control flower, which was in an airtight metal container without moisture control. Continued use will tell the full tale, but early results are very promising. In places with high variances in moisture, like elevation in Colorado or humidity in the south, the Cannador’s ability to deliver consistency can be a lifesaver, especially for someone who doesn’t like to constantly re-up.

Final thoughts

The Cannador’s refined aesthetic is what I want to see throughout the entire cannabis industry, eventually. I’m not a fan of the stoner stereotype and products like the Cannador help fight against it while giving mature cannabis enthusiasts accessories that fit into their lifestyle, not define it. If you are looking for an alternative to a messy drawer or an upgrade to your stash box, check out the full line of Cannadors here.

Note: Looking for a way to securely travel with cannabis while maintaining optimum moisture levels? Cannador has a recently released their new line of travel cases. The smell proof leather and nylon kits are perfect for road warriors who want a quality guarantee.

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