The 14 Items You Need in Your Cannabis Bug Out Bag

I was temporarily displaced by a bitch named Irma a couple weeks ago and it put me in a rather unusual situation- I didn’t know if there was cannabis where I was going and I knew bringing a backpack with a bong or jar would be…call it “unwise”. So what do you do? Assemble a cannabis bug out bag, naturally.

My goal was to have enough cannabis for at least a week while maintaining some stealthiness and keeping it inconspicuous.

1) Stash Logix Case

Plenty of storage, customizable compartments, smell proof, and a locking mechanism to boot- the Stash Logix case is a great foundational piece for any stoner and especially one who tends to travel. I also love the ability to lock the container as an added safety precaution.

2) Paperclips

Another stoner staple, toss a couple paper clips in your kit for poking around the dugout when needed. It would be a shame to get stymied by resin.

3) Grinder Card

Full disclosure, I don’t like the things nor do I find them effective, but the benefit of bringing a grinder is offset by its bulk, so grinder card it is. The Nuggy does most of the heavy lifting, but the card takes so little room it made the trip.

4) Concentrate

A little cannabis concentrate is always nice to have as either a change of pace or last bastion of sobriety salvation. Most concentrates have a longer shelf life than flower making them ideal fail safes if the flower runs dry too.

5) Pax 3

For consuming cannabis the goal here was efficiency. The Pax 3 has precise temperature control which keeps you from torching nugs while extending battery life.  It doesn’t hurt that the Pax 3 is one of the best reviewed and versatile handhelds released.

6) Hempwick

Again, efficiency. Lighters run out of fuel and hempwick will extend their life dramatically. It will also keep the herb burn temp down while reducing the amount of potentially harmful toxicants entering your lungs.

7) Lighter(s)

2 is the minimum I would recommend. Even the best lighter can malfunction or perish in water, make sure you have more than one cause it’s really hard to smoke cannabis without fire.

8) Traveling Puff

This handy aluminum apparatus turns plastic bottles into water bongs providing the cooling filtration of a bong without the bulk or breakage. Also, as noted in my previous review, this thing is sharp and could double as a zombie apocalypse weapon, so that’s another reason to toss one in the kit.

9) Rolling Papers

Sharing is caring and camaraderie is contagious, especially over a beautifully rolled jay. As much fun as passing the Pax around can be, nothing beats the ritualism of a joint.

10) Classic Dugout

If technology fails you’ll want a trusted friend around for the darkest hours, enter the classic duggy. Make sure the dugout is fully loaded and put it away- this is your “break in case of emergency” stash. If the worst should happen, a stocked duggy and a lighter is all you need for a few days of medication.

11) Unbreakabowl

The last thing you want to deal with is broken glass, and if a fragile spoon is all you brought then you’re going to have to get creative in the event it gets damaged. That won’t happen with the Unbreakabowl, a solid aircraft grade steel pipe that’s guaranteed to stand up to any beating.What items do you consider essential for your cannabis bug out bag? Share them in the comments or shoot me an email, I’m always on the lookout for products designed to create exceptional experiences for cannabis enthusiasts.

12) Cannabis Flower

I try to have at least 1 gram per enthusiast per day, but tolerance and frequency may change your unique needs.

13) Nuggy Multi-Tool

I’m fairly confident that a multi-tool is a survivalist staple, so why wouldn’t the cannabis bug out bag have one designed specifically for the needs of an enthusiast? The Nuggy’s versatile tool kit contains a knife, shears for trimming, and a joint holder among others. As an added bonus, there’s an LED light and bottle opener, so non-enthusiasts will benefit too. You can check out the full Nuggy review here.

14) CVault Storage Tin

Airtight and rock solid, nothing’s damaging my precious buds when the CVaults on the scene. I also appreciate the inclusion of a moisture control pack holder.

Optional- Plastic Bag

In scenarios where your time away exceeds your preparation having a bag of vaporized flower could be all that stands between you and a day of crippling sobriety. While not ideal, the remnants from your Pax sessions can be rolled into a joint and smoked if needed. If you don’t end up needing to combust the leftovers you can always toss them in your next batch of butter or coconut oil.

What items do you consider essential for your cannabis bug out bag? Share them in the comments or shoot me an email, I’m always on the lookout for products designed to create exceptional experiences for cannabis enthusiasts.

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