The Best Cannabis News Sources for Current Events, Financial News, Compliance Updates, and Business Reports.

Considering the overall newness of legal, or even medical, cannabis, I’m often taken aback by the sheer amount of people claiming cannabis expertise who clearly lack the credentials. I’m not sure if they’re throwing the term around in an effort to attract naive business owners, investments, or just attention, but there’s a lot of noise in the industry and not much of it is worth hearing. However, there are some stalwarts that every cannabis professional should follow if they intend to stay informed. Here are my favorite reputable writers, each has carved their own niche and provides valuable insights into their piece of the cannabis community.

For current cannabis events and updates, no one’s faster and more detailed than Tom Angell, founder and editor of the Marijuana Moment.
Tom has been a cannabis activist going back to the early days of medical in Colorado. As the founder of the Marijuana Majority, Angell cut his teeth covering cannabis before it was cool or profitable. After a stint with MassRoots, Angell went solo and launched the Marijuana Moment, now one of the most widely read and highly regarded newsletters across the industry. Angell’s experience in grassroots activism, politics, and the business side of cannabis is evident when reading his work. In addition to providing extensive evidence with each article, Angell’s writing is well thought out and polished making it easy to consume, understand, and share.

In addition to current events and news that matters, The Marijuana Moment also tracks and updates cannabis and hemp related bills that industry professionals should be aware of. Tom has been involved in the industry for a long time and his work as a journalist reflects it. He regularly appears in Forbes and, more often than not, his pieces inspire similar stories from major publications at an almost predictable level. When you need access to breaking news and analysis from someone who knows, Tom Angell and the Marijuana Moment are a must follow, especially on Twitter.

The cannabis industry’s own Jim “Mad Money” Cramer, Alan Brochstein from 420 Investor and New Cannabis Ventures sheds light on the investment side of cannabis.
As the founder of 420 Investor and New Cannabis Ventures, Alan offers investment analysis and advice involving the companies making moves in the cannabis industry. Primarily focused on partnerships, acquisitions, and other higher-level business practices, Brochstein applies his decades of Wall Street experience to the burgeoning cannabis industry connects dots others miss. There’s so much fluff and posturing in cannabis, Alan is like a puff of fresh air that clears up a lot of the smoke and mirrors revealing the numbers that are worth paying attention to.

Alan has developed a reputation for sniffing out bad actors in the cannabis space too, and he’s not afraid to call out a pump and dump when he sees one. The man’s got confidence, and when it’s easy to check your track record in something as transparent as stocks, his bravado is refreshing. Having developed a rather substantial following on investment site Seeking Alpha, Brochstein puts his money where his mouth is often taking the very positions he recommends. Cannabis enthusiasts looking for reputable information that sheds light on the capital of cannabis can follow Alan on Twitter here or head over the New Cannabis Ventures for more details. Follow Alan’s extremely active Twitter account here.

When you’re looking for guidance on compliance or regulation recommendations, Hilary Bricken from the CannaLaw Blog is your go-to resource for all things legal.
For nearly a decade, Hilary Bricken has been operating the CannaLaw Blog and helping countless licensees and potential business owners navigate the complex world of cannabis compliance and regulations. Hailing from Seattle and specializing in cannabis law since 2010, Bricken witnessed the early days of Washington’s medical market and eventual transition to adult use. When it comes to licensing, zoning, regulations, and potential pitfalls, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an attorney with a comparable track record.

The topics covered on the CannaLaw Blog aren’t always the most entertaining, but they contain incredibly important information for business owners who need to know things like labeling requirements in California or on-site consumption in Colorado. Bricken has built a solid team of contributors for the blog and encourages visitors to comment on posts to further the discussion. You can find Hilary on Twitter for the latest compliance news and updates.

If you like business news and analysis check out Rob Meagher, founder and editor of Cannabis Business Executive.
Rob writes the stories that other journalists either don’t know about or are afraid to write. What does that mean? Well, not everything in the cannabis industry that glitters is gold, and Rob’s there to call it out. It doesn’t always make him the most popular with his subjects, but his honest approach is needed when so many companies or publications tend to focus on the rosier aspects of the industry.

Recently, Meagher provided insight on the internal politics of the National Cannabis Industry Association, the largest trade organization in the industry and major advertising partner for many a publication, proving nothing’s out of bounds. Read more at the Cannabis Business Executive site.

These are 4 of literally thousands of writers making a living waxing poetically about pot, so I encourage you to continue exploring. The experts listed above are a great way to start, especially for new canna-preneurs who may not know who to trust, but I’m positive there are other incredible cannabis content creators. Who’d I miss? Who are your favorites? I’m always looking for great news providers that understand the cannabis industry. The more information that’s out there the better our chances to end prohibition once and for all.

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