Show Your Lighter Some Love with These Accessories

The lighter. The constant companion to the cannabis consumer. For all the good times your lighter makes possible, I’m sure you’ve wanted more.

You’re not alone and you’re in luck, some very clever enthusiasts have created some accessories sure to enhance your experience while making it harder for a bud to accidentally pocket your lighter.


cannabis lighter accesory

Besides the potentially negative impacts of inhaling butane and burning off precious terps, adding a few wraps of wick will extend your lighters life and give it some character. Enthusiasts far more informed than I have delved into the positive aspects of hemp wick, but if you’re not a fan of awesome writing I’ll save you the time- hempwick is a stoner staple and must use for any cannabis connoisseur.

Lighter Charm

The days of ashy edges and melted plastic are over thanks to the Lighter Charm. This handy accessory was designed to add a personal touch to your firey friend while increasing smoking economy. By efficiently snuffing bowls with the convex glass coin you’ll also waste less weed, and that’s always good. With new designs coming out all the time, you’re virtually guaranteed to find a Lighter Charm to match your mood.

Cannabis Lighter Accesory


Kick ash in style with the Kasher, a metal slide that adds an edge to your ignition. Compact when not in use and deadly when dispatched, the Kasher is fantastic for scraping resin and displacing burned buds. The Kasher works with regular and mini lighters, so go ahead and ditch the paper clips. For companies interested in bulk orders, there are multiple metals and tons of customization options to choose from.

Toker Poker

Cannabis Lighter Accesory

If you’re looking for an accessory capable of tamping bowls, removing resin, and securing your precious flame maker then look no further than the Toker Poker. This plastic sleeve combines the best of the above into one streamlined smoking solution. While it does add a bit of bulk, you can be sure that no one will mistakenly take your lighter as their own.

The best accessories enhance the smoking experience. Be it a cleaner burn, less wasted flower, or just an easier way to clear a blocked bowl, better is better and these accessories deliver. They’ve also make great conversation pieces when used and I’m yet to lose a lighter to a sticky fingered friend. If you want to add a little flavor to your fire check out the links above and tell em Ty sent ya.


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