Cannabis Artists On Instagram To Follow Next Time You’re High

The next time you’re stoned, do yourself a favor and check out the following cannabis artists Instagram. Odds are they’re very enthusiastic about cannabis, at least that’s what their art indicates.


The first cannabis artists in the lineup is Rollitpaper, I’m going to assume the mystic behind RollitPaper twists a mean spliff. The texture and depth created by the paper quilling, as it’s known, constructs mesmerizing patterns and designs. It’s way too easy to get lost in a stoned haze while gazing at the flowing curves and spirals.

Check out more of RollitPaper’s ragin creations here.



Coming in second in the long list of cannabis artists is DryBudz. The cartoonish characters DryBudz adds to cannabis images are as hilarious as they are creative. By augmenting existing pictures the artist brings life to the nugs that give relief to their consumers. If you’ve ever wondered what a bud might look like if it had a face you should definitely follow DryBudz’s silly sketches for regular laughs.

Don’t forget to follow DryBudz dank drawings here.


Combining cannabis flower and drawing, the artist behind cannabiscapes curates scenes and the occasional portrait designed to show a different side of cannabis. If you’ve ever imagined a world where everything was made of cannabis this might be a feed for you to add. Cannabiscapes also runs the occasional giveaway highlighting different cannabis accessories they come across.

Follow cannabiscapes for more chronic comics and stoned sketches.


Using primarily colored pencils and ink, this artist is on a mission to complete 420 cannabis pieces, and, if the 17 completed drawings are any indication, a successful mission will be beautiful. The “in progress” posts are especially entertaining as it’s always fascinating to see how a piece passes from imagined to realized. Definitely looking forward to following along on the journey to 420.

You can follow along with the journey here.

Chronic Canvas

Specializing in incredible high definition photography, Chronic Canvas gets up close and personal with flowers, as well as the insects that share their garden, resulting in stunningly crisp images. They also have a series of shots focused on shatter, check em out here.

Make sure to follow Chronic Canvas and their incredibud photography.

Visual Fiber

In a word, trippy. Visual Fiber hits your optical senses with an overload of color stimulation and time-bending design twirls. With a mix of pop culture references and natural elements, the paintings get more impressive the longer you look.

Be sure to keep up with Visual Fiber’s newest works here.


Not exactly an artist account, but a friend of cannabis artists deserves a spot on this list. The amazing team behind Art420 is dedicated to changing the stigma of cannabis through art, awareness, and education. In addition to their annual 420 Art Show, which coincides with Miami’s famous Art Basel, Art420 has also hosted the Battle for Freedom which sought to raise awareness for Veterans seeking access to medical cannabis.

Who are your favorite Instagram artists? Drop em in the comments and share the good vibes.

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