5 Best Cannabis Podcasts to Get You Through Your Daily Grind

Listening to a podcast is basically like reading a book, right? Not exactly, but podcasts are an incredible way to add some additional information to your daily uptake without requiring 100% of your attention, making them pretty perfect for potheads.

Whether I’m exercising, working on a new idea, or just catching up on something monotonous, I like having an insightful conversation in the background. As a cannabis entrepreneur, these podcasts keep my motivated and often help connect dots I missed. It’s not just about entertainment, it’s about understanding a new piece of the puzzle that makes up the cannabis industry. Here are the 5 best cannabis podcasts on my subscribe list that you should check out!

Likely the longest running pot centric podcast, Hempresent and host Vivian McPeak will keep you entertained while dropping knowledge bombs based on nearly 4 decades as an advocate and enthusiast. Guests range from cultivators to event promoters, government officials to converted law enforcement and everything in between. In addition to the podcast, Vivian also founded the Seattle Hempfest, one of the most prolific hemp and cannabis events in the country, and has published several books. Hempresent’s grassroots beginnings are still apparent despite excellent episode production value and the views expressed on the show display a clear wariness for a potential corporatization of cannabis. I’m right there with you, Vivian.

Great Moments in Weed History
If you’re looking for cannabis’ effect throughout history then give these proven cannabis media veterans a listen the next time you have an hour where your brain wants extra stimulation. As ganja journeyman themselves, Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock are fantastic storytellers and their deep dives into cannabis history are as informative as they are engaging. Each episode delves into the past of famous individuals whose life was significantly impacted by weed. I’m waiting for them to drop an animated episode on YouTube a la Drunk History, come on guys, make it happen!

When you want to hear first-hand accounts of struggle and success from early stage cannabis entrepreneurs, StartUpStoners has you covered. As startup stoners themselves, Cody and DJ Brettski do their part to dispel the lazy stoner stereotypes that still carry a far too negative stigma. By sharing the stories from those on the ground floor, StartUpStoners is giving canna-preneurs a platform to tell their story while promoting a more positive image for the industry.

Modern Warrior
What’s not to dig about professional athletes chopping it up with cannabis business professionals, activists, and enthusiasts? Exactly. The Modern Warrior podcast is hosted by former NFL players Nate Jackson and Eben Britton who, as elite athletes, bring their unique perspective to an industry that’s regularly associated with lethargy and couchlock. Their no holds barred approach sheds light on life in the NFL while their conversations with cannabis professionals, friends, and fellow former athletes are educational and often times really funny.

Periodic Effect
Hosted by CEO and Founder of Periodic Edibles, Wayne Schwind, the Periodic Effect podcast focuses on business owners operating within the legal cannabis and hemp space. The episodes have a corporate lean but still maintain their cannabis culture by promoting ethical business practices, sustainable production, and collaboration within the industry. This podcast is great for anyone looking to transfer their existing skill set to the economy of cannabis and often mentions companies with employment opportunities.

Who’d I miss and who are your favorites? With so many entrepreneurs in the cannabis space, and more entering every day, I’m sure there are some brilliant people out there just looking for the right platform.

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